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Pi Jukebox / Re: Album and Video Locations for Pi Jukebox
« Last post by Bry on March 23, 2023, 10:41:54 AM »
you can put them anywhere, i just put them in the default pi music folder an then scan them
ive made a few short tutorial videos about the control panel functions here ->
Pi Jukebox / Album and Video Locations for Pi Jukebox
« Last post by arcadepunks on March 23, 2023, 07:39:44 AM »
Installed and running the new Pi Jukebox

Had a look through the help videos and just curious as to where the locations of the media go ?

Have a solid collection of well tagged albums and a small selection of mp4 music videos

thanks in advance :D
Pi Jukebox / Re: Love this idea
« Last post by MikeUK on March 22, 2023, 03:50:41 PM »
OK, So I can't get hold of a PI 4b (or at least one at a reasonable price) so I opted for a PI 400 kit (still above normal price).

I'm glad to report that Pi Jukebox (trial) works on this machine.  The default screen resolution on a TV (via HDMI) is not an issue and the Title Cards are adjustable within the settings screen.  The keys to operate it are the same as for 'Home Jukebox' software.

I ported a few music directories from my Home Jukebox setup to trial the Pi Jukebox software.  I had to adjust some music tags to mirror the setup and it is looking good.

There is an issue with the left and right scroll buttons using the mouse (left and right arrow keys not implemented) in that only 1 title card is revealed per mouse click whereas a screen worth of title cards should be scrolled at a time.

I have also encountered a couple of track sort sequencing issues which I will investigate further.

On the whole it is looking very promising.
Home Jukebox / center align
« Last post by lupold on March 20, 2023, 05:02:43 PM »
I know it might seem like i am too picky, but i have created background images that mimic a "theme".
If you would, please align the the title card center them above the home button.
I am willing to pay a fee if you ask.
Pub Jukebox was written on win7, but does work on win10, in my opinion though win10 has some problems and its a step backwards from win7.
i even tried installing windows 7 incase it was a flash problem but the pc only allows windows 10 lol
It might be worth re-installing windows ?, it could be a windows problem.
if you do reinstall make sure you deactivate pub jukebox first (admin>deactivate tab).
that's the problem but idk were so if bottom screen has something on like a touch here to play music .gif advertisement on the top it will say like u and nothing els as it freezes when it should say uk top 40 played here but when the bottom screen stops playing the advertisements then the top will play off from uk top 40 played here and it jumps from screen to screen if that makes sense so top works bottom freezes bottom works top freezes ect ect lol load of fun i know  ;D

thank you
The pc spec seems ok but don't send any more videos, because if it doesn't work properly with the original files then the problem lies elsewhere
i will send u a more better video for u just the video i have sent was just a quick one to show but when their is a advertisement in the bottom the graphics and advertisements freezes on the top screen like its trying to play 2x advertisements but it cannot and it confuses its self
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