Author Topic: Skins sizeable?  (Read 6068 times)


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Skins sizeable?
« on: September 10, 2013, 06:56:43 PM »
Hi Steve and Bry,

Are the columns and areas moveable at all? E.G The genre section is say 100 pixels wide. Can you make that 200? Can you drag and drop the other boxes, and add any extras to the skin or is it pre determined and limited to where things can be placed?




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Re: Skins sizeable?
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 08:52:27 PM »
Hi Mark

Before I get to your question I just need to tell you about a little rule we have on the forum, I have to tell every new member of our gang so don't worry its no big deal  :D, we dont like you guys to post questions directly to myself or our Bry by name, please post open questions that other members will reply to, you can read the forum rules later on here:-

Ok, on to your question...

I think I  know what you are asking....  Can I re-arrange the entire layout of the jukebox ?, the answer is no, because the layout is very complex and is designed re-size itself to work on most if not all computers, if it were altered it just would not work.

You can however change the entire look and feel of your jukebox by changing the images and colours that generate the skin for Videobox.

If you have not already done so it might be worth your while to checkout our Bry's VIDEO here:-
and the PDF (its short and to the point) here:-

Skin Studio is our Bry's baby, but I've tried it myself and built my own skin with it, if I was giving Skin Studio a review I would have to warn you (as a non-artistic person) that I found it hard going at first, you have to understand how panels are laid-out and how images stretch etc, you will get loads of compile errors until you master it and you will need to have a little bit of an artistic bent and patience in you to make something appealing, but all-in-all I would say its worth the price and it will keep you occupied and add to your enjoyment of Videobox, after a few weeks of learning you will be making skins in as little as a few days.

If I was scoring Skin Studio out of 10, my personal score would be...

Useability/learning curve          7.5 (moderate/steep learning curve, little documentation)
Value for money                     10   (cheap & cheerful)
Fun                                       7    (only fun if you an artistic type of person)
Replay value                          10   (awesome, adds tons of replay value to Videobox)

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