Author Topic: Pup Jukebox and "Online Casino ATM"... 2 in 1  (Read 1188 times)


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Pup Jukebox and "Online Casino ATM"... 2 in 1
« on: August 21, 2018, 01:46:21 PM »
Hi i want to present my new prototype
As Main it should work as Jukebox...what else
But also as Pay IN/OUT for some online casino games
Switchable over Handy or Touchsscreen
Also i creat a little menu for the buttons (vol+/- door and and and) so no hardwarebuttons ar needed
Connected is a 19" Monitor running with a 3m microtouch
For Bills in ATM i use a NV200 with Smart Payout
For Coins a RM5 CCTalk
Mainboard ist a E350 Amd board..not the fastest but fast enough
Hdd for the prototype is a 128GB SSD
For hardwarebuttons i use a arduino micro programmed as a usb hid keybord
i add also one more for cedit +
switch between music and atm i realize with a script that running in the listen to the keyboard
if i press the button for atm in my touch menu a script starts that let the computer think on key is pressed
so the music switchs to the backround and the atm was useable
if you press the button for musicbox on the touch the script jumps to the position where it release the button and the atm switches to the backround
for change program via handy i did one relais with the hardware from a usbkeyboard
if i set in my smarthome app relay on than it pressed the button on the usb keyboard if i set off the relays is open and key was not pressed anymore...

this is my project now
i will make some pictures and i will upload it later