Terms & conditions

Please note that this document does not constitute our full terms & conditions, rather these are the ones we are asked about the most, and we will add to these T's & C's as issues become relevant, thank you.


We offer free support via our technical help forum, please note that we cannot provide technical help via email or eBay messages.

Duplicate Serial Requests

Should you lose your serial number we will happily provide a duplicate serial number to you free of charge for up to 1 Month from purchase, after 1 month it's your responsibility to keep your serial number backed-up and safe.

Return/Refund Policy

We offer full trial versions of our products so that you can test them fully for compatibility with your PC and suitability for your needs before purchase, but unlike physical items software can easily be duplicated and so we do not accept returns once a software license has been purchased.

All sales are final.

Software Activation Service

Temporary software activation service outages must be accepted by you.We do not guarantee access to our online or offline software activation services to you forever. we reserve the right to withdraw our software activation services at any time without prior notice to you.

Privacy & Security


We don't like companies that share customer information, therefore we will never share, sell or disclose any information about you or your transactions with anyone, ever!, simple as that.


We take security seriously, and so your personal details will not be stored online.