At Last...

A real jukebox for the Raspberry Pi 4

Download to your Raspberry Pi desktop

Awesome features

Pi Jukebox has features that you just will not find in any of the other player, it can be configured for home use with free play or you can switch to a traditional jukebox look and feel with coin-op and credits, the choice is yours

Bluetooth speakers
Connect your Bluetooth speaker for wireless music
Mega-easy install
Just download & run
Background music with customizable timers
Can play mp3 audio and mp4 videos
Easy search to find your favourite tracks
Language file support

Feature comparison

Basic version

Free play only

Audio only, no video

Background music timer

Plays MP3 & MP4 audio

Personal license

Forum support

Lifetime license for 1 Pi board

Pro version

Coin-op & free play

Audio & video playback

Background music timer

Plays MP3 & MP4 video

Commercial license

Forum support

Lifetime license for 1 Pi board


The stuff you need to know...

Q. When will Pi Jukebox be available ?

An early release of Pi Jukebox is available now, but while it's super-cool please remember that it's still a work in progress, so you can buy a license but you will have to put up with any bugs that you or we find until they are fixed.

Q. How long does the license last ?

When you buy a Pi Jukebox license its yours for life, well the life of your Raspberry Pi board actually. The license stays paired with your Pi board for its entire lifetime. We do not currently have any way to transfer a License between Pi boards.

Q. Can Pi Jukebox output videos to a large screen like a computer monitor ?

Pi Jukebox is designed to output videos to small (low res) screens, the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen will work for sure, and so will other similar small screens. You may also be able to get this working with a PC monitor by lowering the output resolution of your Pi, a resolution of about 800x600 or less should work, results will vary depending on the screen size and quality of the videos.

Q. Why do you have two versions ?

This approach reduces the cost of a license for casual users, and allows enthusiasts to pay a little more to have the bells & whistles.

Q. How do I buy a license  ?

When you run Pi Jukebox on your Raspberry Pi you will see the option to buy a license.

Q. Can I upgrade from the Basic version to Pro  ?

No, we currently have no way to change a license once issued.

Q. What's the difference between the personal license and the commercial one  ?

The personal license allows you to use Pi Jukebox for yourself at home, this is the audio only/free-play option. 
The commercial license adds video playback, credit functions and commercial use. 
Commercial use means that you can use your jukebox in connection with your business.  resale of the license is also allowed, so that you can build jukeboxes and sell them to other people.

Q. Can you help me set up my Pi board, I'm new to this  ?

We cannot help you with anything related to the Pi board, such as installing the Os or configuring screens etc, the best place for info is YouTube, there are 100's of video tutorials for beginners.


Raspberry Pi 4, 4gb+ recommended, (will NOT work on other Pi models or other types of clone board)

Raspberry Pi Os 11, "BULLSEYE" 32bit, (will NOT work on other Pi Os images)   Download

Mouse or touchscreen, Official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen recommended for best results

Your music files

Pi Jukebox plays MP3 audio and MP4 videos

Pi Jukebox requires properly tagged music files to operate.

You are advised to fix any missing tags in your music collection.