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Android RVC (Remote Volume Control)

Download our free universal remote control to your android smartphone.


Here are the button commands you can use with your remote control...

VOL + = Turn the volume Up
VOL - = Turn the volume Down
MUTE = Mute the volume
REJECT = Reject the track now playing
CREDIT = Apply some credits
CLOSED = Put the jukebox into a 'Closed' state
POWER = Quickly tap 6 times to shutdown
DOOR = Access the settings menu

The Android app will allow you to control your jukebox volume & reject etc over your home wireless network.

To get the app simply visit this page on your phone and tap the download button.

Minimum PC Requirements

Windows Xp, Win7, Win8 - 32 & 64 Bit (.NET Framework 3.5)
256mb Graphics card (1Gb+ Recommend)
1Ghz CPU (2Ghz+ Recommend)
2Gb RAM (4Gb+ Recommend)

Your music files
Pub Jukebox plays MP3,WMA,AAC,M4A Audio files - MP4,WMV,MPG Video files - MP3+G Karaoke Files
Pub Jukebox requires properly tagged music files to operate, a music tagger function is included to help you with this.


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Overview of Pub Jukebox features...

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