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A super all-rounder that can play audio, video & karaoke tracks

Videobox has been our best selling jukebox for years, its got enough features and settings to keep the hardcore enthusiasts happy, while its easy enough for a weekend-warrior to use.

If you enjoy your music and you want to make a super jukebox to showcase your tracks then give Videobox a try, you will love it!.

Simple 'Kiosk' style layout

The Videobox user interface is designed for simple no instructions required operation. Users navigate your albums and tracks just like a real jukebox using either a touchscreen or a mouse.

Video's and more

Videobox will automatically size video tracks to fit inside the main content window by default, but if you have a 2nd monitor or big-screen attached to your PC then you can configure Videobox to show videos on there instead.

Search feature

Search feature makes it easy to find your tracks FAST!, now you spend longer listening to your music than searching for it!, Just press the buttons to type in what you want to search for.

Background music

Just like a real jukebox, Videobox can be set to play background music until a selection is made. You can tell Videobox (via a single button) to play random songs from your music collection, either one after another (constant) or with a break between tracks.

Promotions & advertising

Videobox can be set to show advertising images in the main content window during periods of inactivity, this can be used to advertise your venue, event or business.

Easy music management

Create a music library by simply arranging your music files & folders into genre categories, Videobox can be set to read your music file 'tags' or the track filename's, its up to you. see our tutorial video that shows you how easy this is.

Android RVC (Remote Volume Control)

Download our free universal remote control ro your android smartphone.


To get the app simply visit this page on your phone and tap the download button.

The Android app will allow you to control your jukebox volume & reject etc over your home wireless network.

Here are the button commands you can use with your remote control...

VOL + = Turn the volume Up
VOL - = Turn the volume Down
MUTE = Mute the volume
REJECT = Reject the track now playing
CREDIT = Apply some credits
VIDEO = show/hide video/viz
KARAOKE = show/hide karaoke tracks
CLOSED = Put the jukebox into a 'Closed' state
POWER = Quickly tap 6 times to shutdown
DOOR = Access the settings menu

Minimum PC requirements

Windows Xp, Win7, Win8, Win10 - 32 & 64 Bit (.NET Framework 3.5)
256mb Graphics card (1Gb+ Recommend)
1Ghz CPU (2Ghz+ Recommend)
2Gb RAM (4Gb+ Recommend)

Your music files
Videobox plays MP3,WMA,AAC,M4A Audio files - MP4,WMV,MPG,AVI,FLV Video files - MP3+G Karaoke Files
Videobox will index track tags where they exist and can be set to read filenames instead.